The most Łódź-related of all, the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival is a continuation of the Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival, established in 2002 on the initiative of Witold Knychalski, and it refers to the four cultures that have impacted the development of Łódź.

For 15 years, the festival has been managed by various people and its organizers were different foundations and institutions. I hope that some culture expert will thoroughly describe and analyze all the events and actions taken for these years, because much happened here, although – undoubtedly – there were different ideas for the development of this festival. In spite of this, one can be sure of one thing: there is no other festival in Łódź that is so much recognizable and, at the same time, so Łódź-related, so deep-rooted in the history of the city. Thanks to this festival, it is known throughout Poland that Łódź was and still remains a multicultural city co-created by Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians. And although more nationalities or ethnic groups could be distinguished among the inhabitants of Łódź in the 19th century, as they can be distinguished today, these four historical cultures have left an impression that cannot be ignored.

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